Reclamation / Closure

Communicating and getting buy-in from stakeholders on your company’s comprehensive reclamation and closure plan before, during and after your mine is in operation is as crucial as building the mine itself. How do you simplify complex data to effectively enhance community understanding and engagement? Conduct meaningful conversations that can highlight key areas in a way everyone can understand - interactive visuals.

Reclamation / Closure with VRIFY

Interactive 3D & 360° Video

Detailed virtual site tours to highlight closer operations

Highlight Restoration

Interactive content updates to highlight ecosystem restoration initiatives

Enhanced Presentations

In-person meetings highlighting ongoing values to communities

Stage Objectives

VRIFY is a meaningful tool for mining companies during their reclamation / closure phase since this stage opens opportunities for rehabilitation and stabilization efforts of the mining area. This stage's primary goal is to highlight how a company plans to go past the life of a mine to provide ongoing value, showcase ecosystem restoration effects, and engage communities to have an active role in the future state or an area.


Demonstrate Past Life Mine Value

With VRIFY, showcase the enduring value your mine brings to its community, even post-closure. Our tools foster stakeholder engagement, deepen community bonds, and convey the sustainable impact of past-life mine projects.With VRIFY, showcase the enduring value your mine brings to its community, even post-closure. Our tools foster stakeholder engagement, deepen community bonds, and convey the sustainable impact of past-life mine projects.


Show Ecosystem Restoration

Through VRIFY, vividly spotlight your company's environmental dedication with 3D updates of ecosystem restoration. Engage stakeholders with interactive visuals, underscoring your commitment to sustainability and projecting a shared vision for a greener future.


Engage Communities

Through VRIFY's interactive presentations, mining companies can foster transparency and inclusivity, inviting stakeholder participation for informed project development. By promoting community engagement, they enhance sustainability, boost community well-being, and ensure shared decision-making.


See how VRIFY clients are using the platform to tell the story of their projects in the Reclamation / Closure stage.

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Are we too early for VRIFY?

VRIFY offers complete, easy-to-use solutions for every step of your business journey. Whether you're just starting your business, getting ready to release your first big report, or even wrapping up your operations, VRIFY is here to help and make things easier. See more about our company stages here.

What data do you need?

With the initial build of your interactive content,  a light lift from your technical team upfront will set you up for success with a timely turnaround on a quality deck.  By taking the time to validate your data, use our templates, and adhere to our preferred formats, you’ll be saving time during the revisions process down the line. VRIFY will be here for you along the way to troubleshoot, provide export strategies, and make the data transfer process as painless as possible. For a detailed list of our data requirements, please visit our help centre: Sharing Data with VRIFY

How does VRIFY work alongside Investor Relations (IR) firms?

VRIFY is designed to streamline your investor relations, whether you are working with an IR firm or not, VRIFY can help you amplify your investor reach and engagement. Your IR firm can leverage VRIFY, to host engaging investor meetings and webinars that feature your VRIFY content, create impactful social media content and can use VRIFY to level up your company press releases.

How much of my own time will it take to get started with VRIFY?

In getting started with VRIFY, there will be a small upfront lift required from your team. This entails collaborating with VRIFY to storyboard how you envision your projects being showcased, facilitating VRIFY's access to your technical data, and participating in informative training sessions led by VRIFY to ensure you are up to speed on the full capabilities of the platform.

Can't I just keep using regular slides for my presentations?

In 1987 the first episode of The Simpsons aired, the same year powerpoint was released. While you may still be relying on traditional slide decks for your presentations for the past 36 years, times have undeniably changed, and so have the expectations of investors. It's time to meet investors where they are —in the 21st Century.